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1 Year, 11 Months, 21 Days ago

Marksdown today from "Dresslily"!

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Marksdown today from "Forcast"!

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Marksdown today from "Hello Molly", "Crossroads", "Boohoo" & "Beginning Boutique"! 

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Painted Moon

Painted Moon will make you swoon

One of the cool things about the clothes that are released by Painted Moon is that these items are bound to make you swoon. This is because the clothes that Painted Moon creates for women are just so awesome looking that men cannot help but notice these items every time a woman walks by. Of course it must be said here that as soon as men are attracted to the dress, they would also like to know more about the wearer and as such, wearing clothes by Painted Moon could be really helpful to your social life.

At the end of the day it must be said that clothes made by Painted Moon are really too awesome to resist. If you are a girl looking for clothes that are bound to get you some positive attention, do keep in mind that the clothes from Painted Moon are items that are pretty interesting.
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